Big “Buts” Sabotage Weight Loss, Health and Fitness(Part 7 of 12)

“Yeah, But I Have to Cook For My Husband”Many of us women say we would change the way we eat if only we didn’t have to cook for our families. “I would love to change the way I eat, but I have to cook for my family. Preparing two meals? Are you kidding? I don’t have the time.”Between work and home, women feel lucky to just get the shopping done and one half-way decent meal on the table, much less two.There is no doubt that if you feel like you have to prepare favorite foods for your husband and/or children, then it is a bit challenging to change your own eating habits without trying to change the way your family eats–challenging, but easier than you may think.The hardest part about eating differently from your family is not the time and energy it takes to make the meals. The hardest part is preventing the prepared food that you also like, but are trying not to eat, from flying into your mouth.It actually takes very little extra time and effort to eat correctly, no matter what your family eats.A commonly prepared American dinner is a meat- or fish-centered meal with a vegetable salad (hopefully–they need to eat raw, fresh vegetables too) and side dishes of vegetables, including potatoes. Prepare the exact same meal for you and your family.While they are contently eating the usual fare, you will center your meal on the salad and vegetables. In fact, if you truly fill up on these foods, then you will have little desire for the meat part of the meal. If you do indulge, you will eat a smaller portion.Simple. Your family is happy. You are happy because you are getting your life in line with your noble intentions of adopting better eating habits for weight loss and maintenance, health, and fitness.It’s true that your taste buds may feel a bit neglected for a while, but, if you are patient, they will change to enjoy the best-for-you foods.