Consciously Create Intimacy: Four Tactics for a More Intimate Environment

There are things we know, but may not realize, things such as how one environment is far more romantic than another. Some of us may not know how to create an intimate environment but we do know our environment can easily influence how intimate our moment is. So when you want to create an intimate night you can consciously change the environment to help increase the amount of “Magic” on your date. One of those things we know is a candle lit dinner is a romantic intimate date, but what we don’t know is- why does it work so well? We understand that environment can certainly influence how well a date goes, however sometimes we don’t know what we should look for or how to create a “Magical” intimate environment, an environment where you can build strong sexual tension and truly connect with someone.There is something Casanova – considered one of the greatest romancers ever – knew; the most romantic environment will always stimulate all of your senses. Who wants to go to a restaurant or eat in a place that smells terrible? Most women enjoy the subtle smell of vanilla or a nice aroma of roses, however some are allergic, so strive to have an environment that has a great essence but won’t be “painful” for your companion. When we remember a date we remember how our senses interacted during the date, how things felt, smelt, tasted, looked, sounded. A memorable aroma is also a great way to stir up an old memory. So if you are losing some of that “Magic” from your relationship you may want find a smell that reminds your lover of a great moment you had together when you were both happy.A little known tactic that works very well is to line up your seat slightly to the left so that when you sit across from your companion you can have your right eyes aligned. This is a very powerful tactic, it builds intimacy and comfort very quickly and your companion will have no idea why the intimacy, sexual tension, and “Magic” are happening, but they will certainly “feel” differently. You can incorporate this tactic with the intimate gaze to make that kiss at the end of the date nearly unavoidable.And of course there is the “Magically Romantic” candle lit dinner, we all know how effective it is. Staring across the table looking into your companions eyes, you can feel how attracted they are to you. Staring into their eyes, you feel how much you like them. Do you know why? When we are aroused, excited, or attracted to someone our pupils dilate, when we dim the lighting the same thing takes place. Your eyes dilate to adjust to the lighting in your environment. So a candle light dinner makes you appear to be aroused, and this also makes your companion appear to be aroused. Subconsciously we reciprocate; we become aroused because of their arousal. In other words you are working backwards; this is incredibly effective tactic that we already “know” on a subconscious level.Isolation is obviously a necessity when it comes to intimacy, after all who wants to have a date on a stage in front of a bunch of people? We don’t want someone watching us while we are enjoying that wildly “Magical” intimate moment. We’d rather be left alone to talk, smile, or laugh with our companion. During those intimate moments nobody else exists except the two of you. It is what makes it so “Magical” and intimate, there is nothing else but the two of you in your intimate moment. So make sure when you organize your environment so you isolate yourself away from everyone else, make it private. You want to be left alone in private to intimately stare into your companion’s eyes, aligning your right eyes together, look at their lips, smelling sweet aromas, and smiling at them.These are simple tactics that we all know, but in some cases just needed to realize, it isn’t the candle light that is romantic, it is the dim lighting, the stories and tales of romance containing a romantic fire are endless. However we all know electricity is very new to our world, and many romantic stories have yet to be created by the dim lighting of a movie (though many stories already exist). Find an environment that will awaken your companion’s senses especially remember to use sweet fragrances for escalating an environment to “Magically” romantic and incredibly intimate. Aligning your right eyes is the one secret you may not have “known”, but it is one of the most powerful tactics I have found to be useful. So go grab your companion, have a private moment, turn the lighting down, gaze in to each others right eye, and smell that sweet scent to enjoy that “Magic” intimate moment.

Eco Friendly Toys – Doing Your Part to Help the Environment

Nowadays, there’s an increased awareness when it comes to the environment. Obviously, this was not the case before as we wouldn’t be in this position if only we took care of the environment in the past few decades. Fortunately, more people are aware now and they’re making a conscious effort to help out. Individuals are doing their part in their homes and in the products that they purchase. Businesses are putting out environment-friendly options like eco-friendly toys. This is why it’s now a valid consideration when people are thinking of business opportunities.A lot of people are looking into the possibility of making custom plush toys as a business. There’s a good reason why they’re considering the industry. This is because time and time again, it has proven to be profitable. It’s also friendly with new investors because there are still a lot of ideas that are untapped. But since the environment needs help, you have to keep it in mind when you’re coming up with ideas for custom plush toys.Yes, you can do your part in saving the environment by putting out eco-friendly toys. It’s true that some environmentalists would argue that toys in general are not environment-friendly. But they’re not taking the kids into consideration. Toys are an important part of their growing up process and we can’t sacrifice their growth to help the environment. They’re both very important so it’s just a matter of finding the middle line.When coming up with an idea, make sure to explore environment-friendly options. In the first place, custom plush toys are already a good choice as they don’t use scarce woods. But you can do more than that. Here are the things that you can do:1. Avoid unnecessary “blings” and “flairs”.It’s tempting to add a lot of features to the toys because they’re very versatile. This is one of the reasons why they’re very attractive as a business opportunity. You can even take an old idea and turn it into a completely new idea by adding several “blings”. But if you’re looking to make eco-friendly toys, you can make them as simple as possible. You don’t have to worry because they’re still very profitable especially if you have them made by an experienced manufacturer.2. Use environment-friendly materials.This is the better alternative for you and the environment. For this, you have to team up with a trusted manufacturer.They can help turn your idea into reality without harming the environment. It’s sad because there are some manufacturers who use harmful materials and chemicals just to save a few bucks. A trusted manufacturer won’t do that because they have processes and skills necessary to make eco-friendly toys. As a start, ask the manufacturer about their options for custom plush toys that don’t harm the environment.The beauty of putting out these toys is the effects are multiplied. Don’t think that you’re only just one person when in fact, you will be able to help parents and their kids become environment-friendly. They’re going to buy toys anyway so they might as well have the option to buy something that’s not going to be harmful to the environment. With the help of a reliable custom stuffed toy manufacturer, you can give parents that option.